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Age: 30
Occupation: Massage therapist

I really don't know where to begin?

I started my modern journey back in December 2011. I honestly thought I was going to die during my first class. I did the unspeakable and left the room when we got to rabbit pose. I didn't care; those people were nuts! How could they stand it in there? It took me 20 minutes before I could even move. I was never going back...
The feeling I had later that night was indescribable. With the injuries I have had over the years and the constant abuse I put my body through, I didn't realise I was so disconnected from my body. For the first time I was feeling again (like I said hard to explain). So I went back...

Unfortunately I am my own worst enemy and found every excuse under the sun not to go. So when Kristina said about the 30 day challenge I thought, "do or die". I started my first challenge back in February, and it was horrible. I could handle the soreness, the aching, the revisiting of old injury's, ALL the washing and the time commitment. But the emotional release was something else. We've all heard Kristina say, we hold alot of emotions in our connective tissue. Well the first time I grabbed my heels in Camel I cried and laughed in the same exhale! I completed that challenge, and was extremely proud of myself, but again was my own worst enemy and didn't practice regularly. Honestly, I was scared of camel...

Once I got myself back to yoga properly about a month later, I saw there was another challenge starting and thought "Whats the worst that can happen?".  I completed my first 30 days, and I surprised myself. The postures were easier and I wasn't sore at all. So I committed to 60 days. I remember thinking "This is where my challenge begins". Towards the end of my 60, I was getting sore again. There were more bad classes than good, but the changes in myself were really becoming noticeable. My skin was glowing, my shape changed, weight loss and change of diet. It just happens. Your body takes over and tells your mind what it needs. My last 30 days were just natural. modern has become such a part of my daily life it was easy. At one point I got out of the shower and put my sweaty clothes in Kristina's basket. It wasn't til I was getting ready to leave I realised that it wasn't my laundry basket at home!

The modern Napier community made my challenge achievable. You are an amazing bunch of people, who I will miss very much. (I have moved to Oz). All I can say is keep going, the worst class is the one you don't go to. I cant tell you enough how much this has changed my life.

Thank you Kristina so much for the opportunity. August 2012