Sunday Workshops $30 

We hold a two hour workshop on a Sunday from 9-11am in one of our three styles of yoga, approx. three times a year. These workshops will give you the space and time to explore postures and ideas more in-depth, equipping you with the foundations to evolve your practice from the ground up. Workshops are a MUST for anyone new to yoga and a nice refresher for the veteran. It is a great way to introduce your friends and family and is suitable for all levels. 

        Bikram Method Workshops

  • This workshop will give you an understanding of the key concepts in Bikram method yoga.
  • The body is the object not the posture, therefore this is beginner’s yoga and accessible to everyone.
  • Don’t worry about what you can and can’t do. You start where you are at and you go from there. 
  • Self acceptance is one of the most outstanding by-products of this style of yoga.

Yin Yoga Workshops 

  • This workshop will give you an understanding of the key concepts within Yin yoga. 
  • Discover the unique therapeutic qualities and benefits of a yin yoga practise while
    respecting your own unique bone structure.
  • Understand the use of props and why it is important to support the bones so the muscles can relax.
  • Enjoy cultivating stillness so you can surrender into your body, heart and mind, cultivating an allowance of being with things just as they are.


         Power Vinyasa Workshops

  • A dynamic form of yoga based on movement with breath leading to a “flow” state – an open-eye moving meditation.
  • lots of fun and challenging strength postures to learn which require patience with self and practice!
  • Learn to modify postures for your own level of practice.