Sunday Workshops $30 (FREE to Unlimited Club members + Annual pass holders)

We hold a two hour workshop on a Sunday from 9-11am in one of our three styles of yoga, approx. three times a year. These workshops will give you the space and time to explore postures and ideas more in-depth, equipping you with the foundations to evolve your practice from the ground up. Workshops are a MUST for anyone new to yoga and a nice refresher for the veteran. It is a great way to introduce your friends and family and is suitable for all levels. Free to Unlimited Club members and annual pass holders, otherwise a $30 investment.


Bikram Method Workshop – Sunday May 19th, 9-11am

  • This workshop will give you an understanding of key concepts in the Bikram’s beginner’s series such as what “lock the knee” really means and how to perform it correctly.
  • We will give you the foundations of the key postures in the Bikram series so you can move forward in your practise with confidence.
  • This is interactive so you can ask your burning questions. Essential for anyone in their first six months of practise and great reminder tips for the more experienced.