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Age: 55

Occupation: Home based Educator for Porse

For the last 4 years I hadn't done any exercise at all, instead focusing on my 4 lovely grand children & my work. After cracking my radial head in my elbow I decided it was time to do something for myself. While I was off work I had a lot of time to think & I decided that I should go back to yoga. I had done yoga back in 2002 only once a week & at this stage I had never heard of modern yoga. The very same day I decided to find a class I saw a grab a deal for a month of modern yoga. I thought OK, so signed up & decided that on the 1st of September 2011, I would start.

What a surprise when I found out it was done in a hot room! I hate the heat but thought oh well, I will try it for a month & see how I go. The first time I walked into the room I really just wanted to walk out again. I was thinking I can't do this. It's too hot. There are too many people. I got through the first class. I sat down lots. I felt sick. I felt dizzy. I really didn't like it. After class I sat in the changing room thinking, oh well at least I stayed in the room. Everyone was so nice saying well done that I thought OK, I will give it a go again in a couple of days.

I started going three times a week. Slowly it got easier but most classes I still had to stop & rest. I started feeling calmer, less stressed, happier. So I increased to 4-5 classes a week. Then I sat down less, my breathing became better & I cut back on my inhaler. I had always had some back pain. This started getting better. I slept better. My elbow started to improve; not as much pain. Every week I lost weight. In all 9kgs. I felt better about myself. More confident.

Now I just can't stay away. The reason? It makes me happy.  I now enjoy it; even the heat is OK (most of time).  All the goals I have set myself I have completed including the 30 Day Challenge. I would like to thank Kristina and all the instructors. They have always been very supportive & encouraging.

Thanks, modern yoga has really changed my live for the better. August 2012

Sue is currently doing a 60 Day Challenge which will finish on her 56th birthday. I can't tell you how inspiring this woman is ;o)