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Age: 63
Occupation: Radiologist

Sports/ fitness history:
I've been an avid sportsman and fitness freak all of my life. I was a track and cross country runner at the college level in the US. I grew up with competitive swimming and skiing, as well as school-based sports including basketball and American football. I've played golf, and windsurfed, hunted birds, and big game, fished, cycled, snow-boarded, and done weightlifting-bodybuilding.

Injuries/ illnesses:
An unfortunate result of all this has been the accumulation of post-traumatic and degenerative problems with my low back and knees, which prevent me from running, cycling and most of the other common forms of cardio-vascular exercise

How long have you been doing modern yoga?
I was fortunate to have been introduced to modern Yoga about 6 years ago, and since then, I have attended over 1300 classes.

What benefits have you received from a regular practice of modern yoga?
I find that with regular practice (3-4 classes per week), I'm able to perform at a very high level, all the activities I enjoy, even, skiing and snowboarding, which is always done at high elevation (where the air is thin). Reader beware that this is not a phoo-phoo, girlie, incense and flower-petal style of yoga. These classes are a huge cardio-vascular work-out, and, especially at first, they will kick your butt!! It is important to approach the practice with reasonable expectations, and to stay within those.

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
I have, just in the past six months, finally been able to achieve a certain amount of calmness and introspection during class, which is very rewarding. But, I'm a slow learner. I've seen younger students make much faster progress. I think it is important to view yoga as a process: it's all about the journey, and not so much about the destination. July 2010