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Patti Holm

Age: 45
Occupation: Sales Rep

Sports/ fitness history:
Running, weight training, cycling, hot yoga

Injuries/ illnesses:
Tight hip flexors and glute muscles

How was your first class? Hard.... & fantastic
Before: I felt tired
During: Hot
After: Energised

How long have you been doing modern yoga?
2 years on and off.
I average approx 2x week

What benefits have you received from a regular practice of modern yoga?
Since I've started modern Yoga I have noticed that I sleep better than I used to. I also have more energy throughout my day and feel more "alert". Overall I simply feel better. My tight hips have gotten better since practicing modern yoga. What I have noticed is that when I do practice more often (every 2nd day for me) my past injury (hip flexor strain) doesn't seem to bother me. I also feel I handle stress better when I practice regularly.

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
The overall wellness feeling I get from modern Yoga.

3 February 2011