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Kylie Berry

Age: 36
Occupation: Business Owner

Sports/ fitness history: None

Injuries/ illnesses:
Diagnosed with leukemia in my 20's but now all clear.

How was your first class?
Before: I did yoga at home so was familiar but enjoyed the heated environment.
During: Hard to remember during and after but it was good because I've been back regularly
After: since!

How long have you been doing modern yoga?
18 months. For the first year I came 2-3 times per week. Now I practice 5-6 times a week.

What benefits have you received from a regular practice of modern yoga?
Really helps to maintain my weight. The best result for me is the cleansing of my skin/pores – I have a clearer complexion and smooth skin as well as a better defined body shape modern Yoga gives me a sense of calmness and is great for keeping my overall mood happy – I don't get bothered by drama or unnecessary thoughts.

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
The mental benefits include a sense of relaxation and that I'm doing something to honour myself and keep me healthy. I want to be doing modern Yoga when I'm 80.

25 February 2011 Kylie successfully completed two consecutive 30 day challenges in May and June 2011.