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Name: Patrick O'Connor

Age: 43

Patrick has a history of being super active (running marathons) to the other end of the spectrum; couch potato and 30 pounds overweight. He has been practising modern Yoga for over a year now with amazing results.

What benefits have you received from a regular modern yoga practise?
"Many! When I started I weighed 15kgs more than I do right now.

I have done this through modifying my diet, a bit of running and coming to modern Yoga approximately 3-4 times a week. Every now and then someone mentions how great I look! Kristina always says in class "Don't get caught up in the drama". I think about that a lot, whether it's something going on at home, at work or my own internal drama. I try to call it what it is.

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
Besides the benefit of the practice, I like the people who come. It's like a little community

April 2011 Patrick has since successfully completed the 30 Day Challenge on 28/8/2011