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Laura Curtin

Age: 26

Laura has been gracing our yoga room now for 9 months, 3 times a week. She is 26 years old and dabbled in hockey and netball in school days. Physically she didn't regard herself as being "fit" before starting modern yoga. Laura developed tendonitis in her forearms to the point where the pain was so severe she had to leave her job. modern yoga in conjunction with physiotherapy has helped her regain her strength and flexibilty. For many years she suffered from debilitating, painful menstruation. She believes that through toning her internal organs through modern yoga, these symptoms are now much milder and more bearable.

What benefits have you received from a regular modern yoga practise?
"The benefits have exceeded my expectations! I am more flexible than I have ever been. My body is more toned and stronger than ever before. I have more stamina in mind and body. My skin is radiant and healthy...

I have a deeper understanding of who I am. I have learned how to breathe properly and in doing so have become more connected to my inner-self. I have become aware of old/limiting thought patterns both during yoga and in my daily life. I am working towards being in the moment as much as possible. Having to look at yourself in the mirror for 90 minutes at a time is very therapeutic! I now accept who I see and have a new found love and compassion for myself.

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
I regard the hot room as my sanctuary, a place to focus on my breath and leave daily life at the door. It is my place of sanity."

May 2011 Laura successfully completed the 30 Day Challenge 29/04/2011