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Age: 56
Occupation: Founder & Managing Director of People & Process Solutions Inc

Sports/ fitness history:
Field hockey since age 5, playing at provincial level and on university team. Fitness program since teenage; 10km running best time <40 years Golf, tennis, hiking, kayaking

Injuries/ illnesses:
Rear ended in a car accident 2006 triggered early onset of osteoarthritis.

How was your first class?
Better than I imagined as I do not do well in humidity.
Before: Apprehensive
During: Found the approach to instruction where every step into the posture is clearly explained, is excellent. Managed to do parts of all postures.
After: Energised, relieved of pain.

How long have you been doing modern yoga?
Began Sept 2009 in Canada and practice 3-5 x each week except when travelling. 100 classes per year.

What benefits have you received from a regular practice of modern yoga?


  • Quickly released scar tissue from neck injuries, leg injuries
  • Every class I come with significant pain and left with pain relief (minimal or no pain)
  • Encourages me to drink more water
  • Better than painkillers
  • Could barely walk for 20 minutes or stand. Now tramping 4 hours comfortably.
  • I have deferred a hip replacement operation from December 2010 potentially for many years.

Emotionally/ mentally/ spiritually

  • I am much calmer in all situations, accepting what is without much reaction.
  • Mentally focused
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Much more comfortable in my own skin

What is the single most important reason that keeps you coming back into the hot room?
It has made such a dramatic change in my quality of life – drastically reducing pain while maintaining fitness while unable to do any other sports or fitness program.

25 February 2011