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Bikram's Biggest Loser Competition

**Next competition starts March 11th - June 9th, 2018 

From beginning of March through to early June (13 weeks) we hold an annual Bikram's Biggest Loser (BBL) competition. 2014 was our first year running it and we had 12 starters and 5 finishers. The person who loses a combination of the most weight% loss, cm% loss + body fat% loss combined with the best attitude is the winner.

The Rules
There's only one - attend four classes a week every week for the full 13 weeks (three out of the four must be a Bikram class). If you miss, you're out. If you're sick you still come to class and just lie out if you need to. But you must come.

There will be approximately five weigh-ins and three measurement sessions over the 13 weeks.

The Prize 
Lots of great prizes including one year of Unlimited yoga, a hair make-over with Emma at Vertu Hair, a massage with Monique at Najalu Massage  Total package valued around $1,600. 

The Investment
$560 up front. No exceptions. (If you already have a membership, please talk to Kristina about the discount available to you). This covers unlimited yoga for 13 weeks, food advice, supported closed facebook page, measurement and weigh-in sessions. There will be two scholarships available for those under exceptional financial hardship. Please email Kristina at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explain why you deserve this chance. 

Q/ What kind of results can I expect?
The winner in 2014 Karen Reid had a total loss of 53.5cms, 15.7 kgs, 9.8 % body fat and not to mention a drop of 17 years in metabolic age from 63 to 46. The combined results of the five students that finished the competition was a total loss of 60.9kgs and 154cms. That's a whole person!

Q/ I would love to challenge myself and enter the competition but I've never done yoga before and I'm unfit and don't know anyone at the studio.
Neither did Karen 2014 winner or Manda 2016 winner.  You will find this an extraordinary community that will love and support you - even people you've never met before will encourage you. I watched a really beautiful unfolding last year, one of encouragement and support that I was very proud to witness. Don't be scared. Just make a decision to do it. Take it one day at a time. No-one will judge you. You start where you are at and go from there.

Seven of our fourteen competitiors had never stepped into the energy room before.  Nine students succesfully completed the challenge, our biggest number yet.  Congratulations to everyone who enetered and to all the finishers; Susie Wilson, Brooke Dawson, Richard Hoggard, Trish Simmers, Lisa Papuni, Somabth Samountry, Bridget Harrison, Jessica Flett and Amanda Giddens.

Winner 2016 - Manda Giddens
Before and after photos

Wow! Where do I begin?  After moving to the Hawkes Bay with my partner in January 2016, I thought long and hard about taking a different approach to my healing. Three years ago I experienced a treatment injury. I thought I was going into hospital for a minor operation, but unfortunately mistakes were made which resulted in seven more surgeries and major life changes.


In March this year I decided to search the net for "Yoga" places in Napier. I spotted "Modern Yoga Napier" and opened the web page and then for some crazy reason (or because I like a challenge), I clicked on Bikrams Biggest Loser. I liked the sound of it and promptly emailed Kristina. 24hrs later I received the warmest, kindest and most supportive reply. I was in!

My first session which was also the first time I had ever experienced yoga, was a mix of fear; fear with a side serving of fear! Was I going to puke? Pass out? Have a hot flush and then pass out? Trip over my own feet and then break bones or somebody else's bones?
Of course none of that happened. What happened was this; a huge wave of awesomeness! I was grinning from ear to ear and saying...."I did that" Me! My body didn't collapse, it felt strangely fabulous, and sweaty! Very, very sweaty but fabulous ! No hot flushes at all!! Bargin! 
So my 13 weeks began! I changed my eating and I changed my mindset regarding the choices I made with nutrition. I cut out alcohol.....(until my 50th birthday <img goomoji="1f604" data-goomoji="1f604" alt="