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modern Yoga Napier


Brandy Lyn Winfield

2010 Woman’s World Yoga Champion at the opening of modern Yoga Riga, Latvia, speaking about what it is like as a beginner, intermediate and advanced student.

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About our studio

Entrance FoyerClassChanging Room and Showers

Modern Yoga Napier was built in 2010. There are women and mens change room facilities including showers. Filtered water is available. The spacious yoga studio has a state-of-the-art forced-air electric fan system of which there are only two in New Zealand. Temperature and humidity are controlled from within the room.

Bikram Yoga Napier

Esak Garcia, 2005 World Yoga Champion

"I have visited many studios around the world and the studio in Napier is one of the nicest I have been to. The heat and humidity are perfectly regulated, the carpet is the best available, the bathrooms and lobby are clean and beautiful. It is a very inviting place to come to. For visiting teachers, the teacher guest room is a convenient place to stay and Kristina is a wonderful host. For students in Napier, you are very lucky that someone was willing to bring this scientific technique via India via USA via Canada to Napier. I began practicing many years ago with a book, and a cassette tape with a space heater in my bathroom. I didn't complain, but what you have access to makes the journey much more fun! I encourage you all to read Bikram's books, pursue further knowledge by attending seminars and to do your own research that will deepen your understanding and practice of Hatha Yoga."


Our Bikram method instructors have been certified by Bikram Choudury after graduating his intensive teacher training course in North America. We teach the original hot yoga plus a 60 minute variation.

Our Power Yoga method instructors have been certified by Power Living Australia; an upbeat, modern and fun organisation lead by Duncan Peak and his team of outstanding facilitators.

Teachers are encouraged to continue their journey of learning and development and to maintain their own yoga practice.

Kristina Anderson - Director, Bikram Method + Yin Yoga Instructor

Kristina AndersonI took my first Bikram yoga class in Calgary, Canada in 2002 on the recommendation of my integrative health practitioner. I was going through chelation therapy at the time, trying to lessen the burden of heavy metals in my body; mercury in particular.

My first class really bowled me over. I knew instinctively it was something my body really needed and as it turned out, so did my mind!! It has been a journey of life changing proportions that has led me back to my country of birth, to give my fellow Kiwis the opportunity to experience this phenomenal process for themselves.

More recently, recognising different needs in different students along with the desire to move my body in a new way, I trained in Power and Yin Yoga which is the perfect compliment to the Bikram method. I am super excited to expose our community to new and inspiring styles of yoga, so we can all continue to grow as human beings.

The more I learn about "Yoga", the more I realise what a vast and wondrous subject it is. My deepest wish is that people just give themselves a chance - yoga class can be very confronting and we don't like to be uncomfortable. But this is where the real work lays; thus it truly is for everyone. Find a class, style, teacher and community that resonates with you and go for it. It can change your life!

Bianca Snee - Bikram Method + Power Yoga Instructor

Bianca SneeYoga has changed my life in so many ways and I have a lot to be thankful for. As a teenager I broke both tibia and fibular bones in my left and right leg & as a result struggled a long time with my running, jumping, balancing and depression. I was introduced to Bikram yoga by a friend in my mid 20's and like most people my first class was pretty overwhelming! But I did go back for a second time and have never looked back! This yoga not only helped strengthen my muscles and improve my balance, but it also helped with my depression and general well being - I've never felt better!

I became a teacher in 2012 so I could share with others what this yoga has done for me. Yoga will always be part of my life as well as the lifelong friends I've made along the way and the awesome community I'm now a part of!

Helen Thomas - Yin Yoga + Vinyasa Flow Instructor

Helen ThomasI found yoga in my early twenties and loved how it made my body feel. After being a dancer for many years it felt great to move in a way that was healing and kind to my body. Also being a young busy working mother it was wonderful for my mind peace; I always floated out of class.

After dropping in and out of Yoga classes over the years about 4 years ago I really started to live my yoga realising that yoga carried on out of the Yoga Studio and that I could use yoga as a tool in my day to day life.

I am a 200 hour RYT in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I was drawn to this type of dynamic Yoga practice as I love the freedom to move in a way that is guided by breath with organic body movements that feel healing for the soul.

Helen loves music and played classical guitar for 23 years and is currently teaching herself how to play the Ukulele. She also loves to make a beat with the bongos drum. You will often find yourself being guiding by soulful tunes through her Yoga classes.

A proud mother of two beautiful beings Ethan and Lacey and married to her soul partner Jason. She lives at the beach and spend lots of family time out doors embracing nature and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

Olivia Leckie - Bikram Method Instructor

Olivia LeckieIn 2011 I took my first hot yoga class. I was new to yoga. Earlier in the year I had been training in Kung Fu in China in the middle of winter in the freezing cold and had been dreaming about this hot yoga. My first class did not disappoint and like many other practitioners, I knew instantly that hot yoga was something I needed.

Yoga has helped to keep me fit and healthy over the years but even more importantly it has calmed my mind and that calmness is starting to spread to other aspects of my life. This peace of mind is what I wish for all practitioners, on and off the mat.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a strong community. Yoga is a personal practise but it also creates such unity between different people. We are lucky to have such a diverse and caring group of people in our community.


Sarah Beale - Yin Yoga + Vinyasa Flow Instructor