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Brandy Lyn Winfield

2010 Woman’s World Yoga Champion at the opening of modern Yoga Riga, Latvia, speaking about what it is like as a beginner, intermediate and advanced student.

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John Smith

Age: 69
Occupation: Teacher

My modern Yoga experience started when my daughter kept telling me how good it was for her. So I launched in with the 8 day beginners special.

The first session was harder than I expected, but at least I lasted the distance okay. My balance was pitiful, flexibility not much better and had to use my strength more than I expected.

The second session was a bit more manageable plus I hydrated better. Then this guy called Patrick kept telling me about the 30 day challenge and that I might as well keep going and do it. So at the end of 8 days I kept going. During the 30 days some were harder than others, but I certainly made progress. I improved small gains but definite gains.

I discovered that I needed to be well organized and have a good supply of towels. Twice I needed to complete 2 sessions in one day, because other commitments did not allow me to get my session done. I found that after a yoga session and cooling down, I would feel really great for 2-3 hours, definitely a high.

I also attended a seminar organised by modern Yoga Napier where Esak Garcia from USA was the instructor. What a great experience the seminar was.

I look forward to my hot yoga sessions. The hot yoga improves my strength, balance, flexibility and also my breathing, concentration and general health.

I began April 2011 and now go regularly twice a week and some weeks 3 times. I definitely view modern Yoga as a long term project for health maintenance.

August 2011